What are the best foods for cats?

cat eating food

One thing that cats certainly love is their food. If left to their own devices, cats would seek out rats, mice, or other creatures to devour as dinner. However, nowadays many people have cats as household pets and purchase food for these animals. When buying this food, it is important to buy something that resembles a cat’s natural diet. Two types of cat food are most commonly found in grocery and pet supply stores today. These types are dry food and canned food.

cat food

Dry food

Dry food is very popular because it comes in bulk, is cheaper and convenient, and won’t spoil. By chewing the dry food, the dry particles break down and help get rid of the tartar on cat’s teeth. However, dry food doesn’t contain much water and is dehydrating. Cats don’t drink much water, so a food that contains water would help with hydration. Also, this type of food is heavily processed.

Canned food

Canned food comes in smaller portions. They have a large water content, which helps prevent kidney or urinary problems in the feline. It is most like a cat’s natural diet and contains less grain and carbohydrates than dry foods. Although it doesn’t assist in tartar problems, it does reduce health problems. It is also good for healthy bones and muscles. There are many varieties to choose from, which will help prevent feeding problems with a cat known to be picky. You will be sure to find a selection to satisfy your finicky eater.


Whatever type of cat food you choose, it is important to choose one which provides the necessary nutrients a cat needs. It is important to look at the labels to see what ingredients are contained in the food. Make sure it mentions National Research Council guidelines on nutrition and is certified by the Association of Feed Control Officials. You want to be sure the food is balanced and complete. It should contain a high quantity of protein and certain amino acids, such as taurine, which a cat needs. It should also contain performed Vitamin A, which is found in foods of animal origin.


Where to purchase

There are several places to purchase your cat food. Grocery store cat food is usually at the lower end of market quality but is cheaper. This is probably not the healthiest choice. Premium foods are sold in pet stores and are a higher quality food, although you will still find preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors in them. This is a little costlier than grocery store food but will be more easily digested. The healthy foods are sold on-line or directly from the manufacturer. This would be the healthiest and highest quality food for your pet. They contain real meat, veggies, and fruits as well as being vitamin fortified. They will also be the costliest.

Whatever food you choose and wherever you decide to buy it, make sure you are looking at ingredients. A cat will probably eat any food you put in front of him, whether it is dry or canned or even a combination of both. Choose foods, which possess high protein and few preservatives and grain. The healthier food you feed your pet, the healthier he will be.…

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