Guide to Buying a Hunting Spotlight

man hunting at night

If you are into hunting, you should invest in proper equipment to increase your chances of success each time you are in the woods. One piece of equipment that can come in quite handy is a hunting spotlight. Hunting at night is particularly more challenging, which is the reason why you need the best spotlight in addition to great hunting skills. You have to consider a variety of factors when choosing the best hunting spotlight. Some of the most important ones are highlighted below.

Power Source

A majority of hunting spotlights use either 12 volts from a power source or rechargeable batteries. The ones powered via wire are usually used on boats, vehicles, and ATVs, or any other power source that can provide direct current. The advantage that they offer is that illumination is constant. Limited mobility is one of their main drawbacks since they have to stay connected to function.

The spotlights powered by rechargeable batteries are a great choice if you regularly go hunting on foot. You do not have to worry about a power source if you have your batteries charged. The downside to them is that they can provide illumination only for a limited time as the batteries will run out. They are only suitable for shorter hunting outings. For more flexibility, you can choose a hunting spotlight that has both power source options.


The type of mount that is needed should be the next factor to consider. The mount can be handheld, permanent, or temporary. The most popular option is the handheld spotlights. That is because they allow for more mobility and do not require the hunter to spend some time adjusting the mount. For handheld options, choose one that is lightweight and has a nonslip grip.

Temporary and permanent mounts are a popular option for hunters who prefer hunting with their vehicles and use spotlights with a wired power source. The temporary ones are usually mounted magnetically while the permanent ones are screwed in on the outside of the vehicle. They both can either be rotated or tilted as needed.

Bulb Color

Another factor to consider is the color of the light. The most common colors are white, red, green, and infrared. The type of animal that you intend to hunt is what should influence your choice. Different colors are usually better for different animals. For example, the red light is suitable for hunting coyotes, and wild hogs while white light is more suitable for hunting predators.


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