Laybag Or Lamzac – Which Air Sofa Is Right For Me?

Nowadays, there are several inflatable sofas currently on the market. They are easy to setup, comfy, and they can be used nearly everywhere. If there is something that can destroy your mood, then it is being tired and failing to get a proper seating. Thus, inflatable sofas area ideal for you when you are at the beach or just chilling out as you have a barbecue in the backyard.

Laybag and Lamzac are the most popular air bags currently on the market. Since you may not buy all of them, you need to figure out which one is the best for you. An expert did Laybag vs Lamzac im Test. You can read it to get more insights. In this post, we look at these two popular air sofas in detail.

woman on air raft


This air sofa is made from parachute nylon. This explains why it can be used in any given terrain you may find yourself in. For instance, it is suitable for water, grass, snow, and even rocks. You will find this inflatable sofa to be durable and tough. Moreover, it uses improved technology thanks to German Engineering quality.

You should note that this product received the 2016 Hiras Award for the innovative product category. You will find it quite impressive. The setup process is quite similar to Lamzac, but it is easy to travel with as you can deflate it, fold it, and carry it in a bag. This explains why it is ideal for people going for hiking trips and for chilling out with friends and family at home. It is quite light as it weighs just 1.3 kgs and available in a broad range of colors.

man in air tub


This is one of the first inflatable sofas introduced to the market. It was designed Marijn Oomen. It was mainly used in the woods. Also, it was meant for “lazy” persons hence its name Lamzac. This inflatable sofa is quite comfy.

Generally, Lamzac is a portable and unique air sofa that is made of durable nylon. It just weighs about 1.3kgs just like Laybag. It is designed to provide support for a 200kg person. Thus, it can carry the heavy load because of its high resistance. Moreover, it is sun resistant and heat resistant. It is available in seven different bright colors. Carrying to the park or summer festival is easy. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities as it offers you a cozy and comfortable environment.…

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