Bowling is a decent sport. This game has evolved considerably since the first indoor bowling alley was constructed in the 1800s in New York. The rules of the game, the technology, and the materials have improved over the years, which explain why this game is increasingly becoming popular today. However, the standard bowling gear remains the same – a pair of bowling shoes and a ball. Here are some basic bowling essentials every player in an alley should have.

Pair of Bowling Shoes

You need a decent pair of bowling shoes to play in an alley. Bowling shoes are not just any other standard pair of footwear. These shoes are specially designed to cope with the bowling environment. For instance, the surface in most bowling surface is known to be flat and slick. You need the right shoes to improve your performance and safety on the alley.

It is worth noting that bowling shoes come with special soles. There is a specific sole for sliding and another for braking. The sliding shoe is used during delivery, and the braking shoe is meant to offer the player with superior traction.

Depending on how often you bowl, you might rent or buy your own. Most people who bowl usually have their custom bowling shoes for hygiene and comfort reasons.

Bowling Ball

Like the shoes, a bowling bowl is essential to enjoying the game. Unfortunately, most recreational bowlers never worry about the type or quality of bowling ball they use. However, if you need to get serious at bowling and enjoy the sport, you need to buy a decent bowling ball.

What defines a decent bowling ball? The suitability of a bowling ball largely depends on your preferences as a player. You need to look at some parameters such as the ball’s weight, mass distribution, drilling patterns, and the cover stock among others. However, most casual players only go for comfort when choosing a bowling ball.

It is evident that there is a variety of bowling ball designs to choose from. Thus, it is imperative to understand your preferences as a player and do some diligence on your part. From there, you can find a bowling ball online here.

Apart from shoes and balls, bowlers need other supporting equipment to enhance their playing experience. Some of these essentials include wrist guards, finger tapes, ankle wrist, and elbow bends, and a towel among others.